Kids Home Initiative: Katie’s Story

Stronger than ever...

01-19-2016 · Homelessness

High school can be a tough time for anyone, but when your parent loses a job and you lose your home, “tough” doesn’t begin to describe it.

Katie* found herself in this situation in January of 2014. For months, she and her family lived in hotels or with friends, exchanging work for shelter. They were constantly stressed and worried about the future. How could Katie stay in school when she didn’t even have a place to do her homework, eat dinner, or get a good night’s sleep?

When an administrator from Katie’s school linked the family with Decatur Cooperative Ministry (DCM) a partner of the Kids Home program, the worries began to fade. DCM helped find Katie’s family a home, and Katie could finally focus on doing well in school, not where she’d sleep that night.

Today, Katie is excelling in school with a high GPA, and both her parents are back to work in stable jobs. In their free time, they help coach neighborhood football, baseball and basketball teams. Having overcome homelessness, the family is stronger than ever, and they’re living a life they call “filled with peace and serenity.”

Kids Home Initiative is a comprehensive solution between the United Way, the Siemer Family Foundation, the school system, homeless service providers and other non-profit organizations to help children avoid or escape homelessness by assisting children and families who are at risk of becoming homeless regain secure and successful futures.

*Name has been changed.