AAP Member Spotlight: Marc-Andre Dowden

02-26-2016 · African-American Partnership

marc-squareMarc-Andre Dowden,
Bank of America

AAP: Tell us about your role at Bank of America and how you impact the company’s strategic goals. What are your suggestions for individuals who are interested in a career in the financial industry?

My group is responsible for the Bank’s ATMs. We support all facets of an ATM from E2E. It is imperative that we monitor all the activity, ensure exceptions are reconciled quickly and account for Bank of America’s money. I would advise anyone interested in a career in the financial industry to educate his/herself on Bank policies and procedures, understand what the role requirements are and accept that this industry is ever-changing.

AAP: As leader of Bank of America’s Black Professionals Group, please share your goals for the organization.
Marc-Andre: As a leader of BPG, our objectives are to support Bank of America’s values and business goals through partnership with groups such as Bank of America Community Volunteers and Market Development. In doing so, this serves as an open forum for idea exchange outside of a particular line of business; and strengthens the linkage to the company’s brand and mission.

In order to accomplish those objectives, we provide developmental support to members to assist them in their professional growth. This is done through coaching, mentoring and networking and leadership development opportunities within BPG.

In addition to those type of support methods, we also create learning opportunities for members by through educational sessions on varied topics via workshops, brown bag seminars, panel discussions and more

AAP: Why is philanthropy important? How do you give back to the community?
Marc-Andre: Philanthropy is important to me because of the emotional gratification I receive when I can give back to those are less fortunate. I volunteer when I can whether at my kids’ school, in the community I reside in or through Bank of America’s many avenues. I am fortunate enough to work for a company that takes philanthropy very seriously and dedicates vast resources to ensure we continue to be the role model in that regard.

AAP: Who is your favorite African-American trailblazer that serves as a source of inspiration to you?
Marc-Andre: Currently, Alonzo Herndon. Mr Herndon was an African American barber and entrepreneur. Alonzo Herndon was founder and president of the Atlanta Life Insurance Company, one of the most successful black-owned insurance businesses in the nation.

AAP: What is your favorite sport?
Marc-Andre: I am from Trinidad & Tobago, so Football/Soccer is my favorite sport.