AAP Member Spotlight: Neon Chapman

03-31-2016 · African-American Partnership

neon-chapman-upsNeon Chapman, UPS

AAP: Tell us about your role at UPS and how you impact the company’s strategic goals.

Neon: I am the Corporate Environmental Affairs Manager. I am responsible for UPS environmental compliance worldwide. I support the company’s strategic goals by making sure we consider and are responsible for the impact of our business and operations on the environment and being sure that we comply with current applicable regulatory and government requirements.

AAP: Any advice for those looking to get into the logistics/distribution industry?
Neon: Yes, there are many disciplines required to run a logistics/distribution business: Engineering, Finance, Business Development and Marketing, to name a few. Be sure to decide which discipline is best for you and complete post graduate studies in the discipline as well as take advantage of opportunities to get experience in the industry.

AAP: Why is philanthropy important to you?
Neon: Philanthropy is important to me because it is my way of giving a part of what I have been blessed to receive. When I give, it’s an opportunity to impact the communities where I live and work. It’s important to making communities sustainable.

AAP: How will you leverage your role as an AAP Cabinet Member to maximize community impact?
Neon: It’s an opportunity to increase my reach amongst business individuals who are like-minded and make philanthropy a priority. Also, I’m able to leverage the role to strengthen African-American communities.

AAP: Who is your favorite African-American trailblazer that serves as a source of inspiration to you?
Neon: Jackie Robinson. The barrier he broke down in sports serves as an inspiration that all things are possible no matter what the hurdles are.

AAP: What is your favorite sport?
Neon: I have two – one to watch and one to play. I love watching football and especially my favorite team, the Dallas Cowboys. Golf is another sport I enjoy and particularly playing golf.