05-31-2016 · LINC

stayce-michelleStayce Michelle
On-boarding Consultant/Manager,

LINC: How has United Way LINC helped you?
 I have been a volunteer and huge supporter of The United Way of Greater Atlanta for some years now, and finding out about LINC and becoming a member is a sure sign that I am walking in my purpose. LINC provides me with the tools and resources to assist me with creating a voice for families and children that are less fortunate. A few of LINC’s volunteer opportunities allowed me to work “behind the scenes” with some of United Way’s Community Partners to see how they are making a positive impact on the surrounding communities. Being able to see the passion of the individuals that run these well organized and efficient facilities allows me a firsthand view that donations big or small are always needed. Volunteering with United Way LINC reminds me to always be grateful for the little things.

LINC: What do you think are your greatest personal accomplishments?
 I have some personal accomplishments that I am very proud of. There are two that stand out to me so far. One of those would be tackling the job of being a single parent. My son graduated this month on May 24, 2016 from K.I.P.P. Collegiate High School, and I am a proud mom. This Memorial Holiday I also got to enjoy taking my first trip out of the country to Dominican Republic, and tackling the Waterfall Excursion which included exploring 7 intense waterfalls.

LINC: What do you think are your greatest professional accomplishments?
Stayce: One of my professional accomplishments would be celebrating another year with AT&T. I begin working with the company when it was Cingular Mobility. I am grateful to be able to have grown with the company which now has just acquired DirectTV. Having the opportunity to be employed with such an amazing company is such a blessing.

LINC: Why do you choose to give to United Way of Greater Atlanta?
Stayce: I choose to give to the United Way of Greater Atlanta because I was once a recipient of their program. Being a single parent for me was a very hard struggle, and I was one of the individuals who had to use 2-1-1 for assistance. Because of the UWGA programs, I was given hope, which built my faith to continue to push forward until I was able to find a job. I made a promise that I would in return pay it forward. I like UWGA because I see how they make a difference in the communities.

LINC: What’s your biggest concern within the community?
Stayce: My biggest concern within the community is that people are really not aware of  children’s hunger and homelessness — especially homelessness. Because people are not aware of these real issues, they do not know that they can volunteer or where to donate.

LINC: What would you tell someone who is considering joining LINC?
Stayce: I would tell anyone who wants to join United Way LINC to just do it! This program not only allows you to meet and network with a lot of like minded individuals, but it also gives you some wonderful opportunities to make an impact in the community.  United Way LINC makes volunteering really fun and easy, with no pressure to sign up for opportunities. Anyone interested should join today and see what it feels like to do good for others.

LINC: What is your favorite LINC event or experience and why?
Stayce: I have 2 favorite LINC events so far. The first would be the Day of Innovation. This was a day where LINC members met with a few of UWGA Community Partners who needed assistance with bringing awareness about their organizations in order to increase donations and volunteer hours. We had to put on our “thinking caps” and use our skill sets to create solutions through collaborative, professionally-facilitated brainstorming! There was also a friendly little competition going where we had to present our ideas to be chosen by a select panel of judges as the winning solution. I learned so much that day about some of the UWGA Community Partners “pain-points”, and what their everyday struggles are to be non-profit organizations.  My second favorite event would be the UWGA ShoeBox Project. I was able to host my 1st party at my home; which was an amazing event! My guests and I decorated and donated 44 boxes under the LINC organization.

LINC: What are your hobbies/interests?
Stayce: I love reading and collecting books, I also love fashion and plan to have my very own boutique really soon.

LINC: Who in the world (past or living) do you most admire and why?
Stayce: I admire my mom, Norva Jean Myles! My mom is one of the most beautiful, amazing, caring, faithful people that I know. She has taught me everything and has molded me into becoming the beautiful woman that I am today!