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Did you know that you can avoid capital gains taxes and support United Way of Greater Atlanta at the same time by making a gift of appreciated stock?

If you sell your stock, you will forfeit a portion of the proceeds to taxes. One easy way to help United Way’s mission — and your finances — is to make a gift of appreciated stock (securities that have been held for longer than one year). When you donate stock, you’re unburdening yourself of future taxes that are embedded in the stock, so you can give more, and still have your gift “cost” less.

Additionally, if you are still enjoying the benefits of holding your appreciated stock but looking for a way to avoid estate tax in the future, a stock bequest is a good choice. In your will or trust, you can include instructions for transferring your stock to United Way. Your estate will benefit from a charitable deduction that will lessen the impact of taxes on your estate and your heirs.

Inform your broker and United Way’s Planned Giving team of your desire to make a transfer. You will need to send a completed broker transfer form or written instructions to your broker specifying that you wish to make a charitable contribution to United Way of Greater Atlanta. Your transfer instruction document should include:

1. The issuer of the securities (type of stock) and/or ticker symbol.

2. The number of shares (or the minimum gift value).

3. Transfer to United Way of Greater Atlanta’s Charles Schwab account: AM-8991-5184, DTC 0164 code 40. United Way’s federal tax identification number is #58-0566194. Broker: Dan White at 404-724-2469; Email: dan.white@schwab.com.

4. Specifically request that the donor’s first and last names are transferred with the details.

5. Notify Amanda Crumby at 404.527.5938 or acrumby@unitedwayatlanta.org of your stock transfer. United Way’s federal tax identification number is #58-0566194.