06-27-2016 · LINC

jenny-jangJenny Jang
Senior Project Manager for Public Policy,
Metro Atlanta Chamber

LINC: How has United Way LINC helped you?
 United Way LINC has provided me with resources to learn more about the challenges facing the region and opportunities to get more involved in serving our community. Through my active involvement with LINC, I have been able to continue learning as a young professional leader.

LINC: What do you think are your greatest personal accomplishments?
 My three recent great personal accomplishments would be paying off my car, taking a Europe trip this summer that I have been dreaming about for many years and getting into LEAD Atlanta Class of 2017.

LINC: What do you think are your greatest professional accomplishments?
Jenny: My highest career achievement was after three months of joining the Public Policy department at the Chamber; I took the initiative to fill in for an absent leader who decided to leave the Chamber. While I was working on several of my own projects in the Chamber’s education department, I saw the need for support and leadership in the workforce department and stepped forward to carry on several workforce projects. With the success of all the projects and showcasing my work ethic, eye toward team culture and desire to learn and lead, after six months as a project manager, I was promoted to senior project manager for Public Policy.

LINC: Why do you choose to give to United Way of Greater Atlanta?
Jenny: With big hopes and dreams for their children, my parents moved our family to Atlanta, Georgia 21 years ago.  Atlanta has shown me southern hospitality from day one, provided an excellent education and endless career opportunities and now it is my responsibility to make a profound contribution to my community.

LINC: What’s your biggest concern within the community?
Jenny: My biggest concern within the community is that people do not understand the importance of educated workforce to fulfill current and future positions. As a result, employers are seeking talent from other states and countries. I believe that education is the root of economic development. We must provide a great education and create opportunities to produce a home-grown workforce for the region to maintain and grow economic vitality.

LINC: What would you tell someone who is considering joining LINC?
Jenny: United Way LINC will provide with various well-organized opportunities to serve our community. We can all make a difference in changing and improving the lives of others, while improving ourselves and serving as a role model for others.

LINC: What is your favorite LINC event or experience and why?
Jenny: My first and favorite LINC event would have to be the pop-up shoebox packing event at the Marietta United Way office. I still remember walking slowly into the office trying not to knock down any boxes, and feeling happy and overwhelmed at the same time. With LINC launching for about two months, we only had five volunteers, but we had a great time listening to 90s pop music, learning about one another and packing shoeboxes for homeless women and children.

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LINC: What are your hobbies/interests?
Jenny: I love traveling and trying out new local restaurants.

LINC: Who in the world (past or living) do you most admire and why?
Jenny: I most admire my umma (mom in Korean).  My mom has been my rock from day one and is one of the strongest, passionate, caring, and beautiful people that I know. She has taught me to be always kind to people and dream big. Anything is possible if you put your mind to it!