07-14-2016 · Cole Society

christina_gerrishChristina Gerrish, Enterprise Holdings

Where in Atlanta do you live?

How long have you been contributing at the Cole Society level?
Three years

Why do you choose to contribute at the Cole Society level?
 Contributing at the Cole level enables me to give back to the community while donating to particular areas of focus, making the biggest impact possible.

Is there a particular focus area (Homelessness, Education, Income, Health) that you resonate with most?
Definitely! I am very passionate about education, especially for lower income families. It is important that children receive a good education as a foundation so that they have a chance to achieve their goals and make a better life for themselves.

Have you participated in any United Way volunteer projects?
Street-to-Home Outreach, The Mayor’s 5K on the Runway

What sports team is your favorite?
Christina: The New York Giants