08-14-2016 · Tocqueville Society · Tocqueville Women United

Connection Ambassador Program Overview

United Way of Greater Atlanta’s Tocqueville Society serves as the “go to” place for philanthropists to support opportunities in community engagement and leadership. At United Way, the Tocqueville Society builds on the power of many to elevate United Way’s reputation in the community and create a community in Atlanta were individuals and families thrive.

Tocqueville Society’s Connection Ambassador Program works to nurture relationships with new Tocqueville Society members and re-emerging members by pairing them with an Ambassador (active Tocqueville Society member) to help navigate opportunities for service and philanthropy within United Way.

What is a Connection Ambassador?

A Connection Ambassador is a current Tocqueville Women’s Leadership Member or Tocqueville member who partners with a new member(s) during their first or second year of membership as well as with Tocqueville Society members that have been less active. The Connection Ambassador’s role is to engage the members and offer guidance on how to get involved with United Way and share experiences that encourage the member to get connected and engaged.

What are the roles and responsibilities of the Connection Ambassador?

  • Participate in an hour-long training to learn best practices for engagement and interaction.
  • Make a personal connection (phone call, email) and orient members to the Tocqueville Society within 30-45 days of the assigned pairing.
  • Present member with TS bracelet for females and males gift to be announced soon.
  • Encourage members to attend Tocqueville Society events and other United Way of Greater Atlanta events. Where possible, attend events together.
  • Assist with building effective networks within the Tocqueville Society and United Way.
  • Connect with members outside of Tocqueville at least 2 times per year.
  • Identify and make recommendations of leadership roles for member to serve.

What are the roles and responsibilities of the new and re-emerging member?

  • Attend events when possible.
  • Be open to introductions from their Ambassador.
  • Based on the experience, consider becoming an Ambassador in subsequent years to “pay it forward”.
  • Consider a leadership role within United Way.


To sign up to become a Connection Ambassador, email Catherine Stolarski at cstolarski@unitedwayatlanta.org.