08-17-2016 · Legacy Leaders

Did you know up to 60-65% of your retirement plan assets left to your children may be taxed?

You can name United Way of Greater Atlanta as a beneficiary of your 401K or retirement plan and further United Way’s mission of driving sustainable improvements in the well-being of children, families and individuals in our community.

Including United Way as a beneficiary means that you can get an estate tax charitable deduction and, most importantly, your dependents avoid ordinary income tax assessments on the amount donated to United Way. United Way can be named as a partial, primary or contingent beneficiary.

In most cases it is as simple as filling out a short form with your plan administrator to name United Way as a beneficiary.
Talk with your estate planner about the types of assets to leave to your family that can produce little or no tax for heirs.

United Way will receive the full proceeds free of tax and can use this gift to help build a Greater Atlanta where all children thrive!