09-01-2016 · LINC

Cameron Murray
Assurance Manager & Market Team Transformation Leader, PwC

LINC: How has United Way LINC helped you?

 The United Way LINC program helped me by providing a quick, easy way to participate in community service events around Atlanta, and it can give everyone a good start to their weekend.

LINC: What do you think are your greatest personal accomplishments?
 My greatest personal accomplishments have been traveling – I’ve been to Southeast Asia and Europe several times, usually spanning several weeks. With each trip, I really enjoy immersing myself in different cultures and disconnecting from my responsibilities back home. My most recent trip this summer was to Germany and Croatia, which included a lot of biking and hiking around the national parks.

LINC: What do you think are your greatest professional accomplishments?
Cameron: My greatest professional accomplishment is being able to create my own job with PwC – I’m currently working in a position that I developed based on specific responsibilities I thought could help my audit practice enhance profitability while providing a better experience for our people. My day to day job has changed to allow me the opportunity to do whatever I think is most beneficial to achieve those objectives.

LINC: Why do you choose to give to United Way of Greater Atlanta?
Cameron: I chose to give to United Way because the United Way’s mission for unallocated funds is to distribute those funds to charities that are struggling to receive enough donations of their own, but are still doing good in the community. Donating to United Way without specifying a recipient means the United Way uses their expertise to help charities that you may have never heard of, but you would have if you were in need. Additionally, the United Way has its own charitable operations that are working toward improving child welfare and breaking homelessness right here in our backyard. I feel a local charity is certainly more connected to the pulse of the community than any national organization.

LINC: What’s your biggest concern within the community?
Cameron: My biggest concern for Atlanta is homelessness. With an economy moving toward a more skilled workforce and a high rate of youth homelessness currently in Atlanta, if we’re unable to move the needle on successful tactics to break the cycle of homelessness now, the effects will be compounded in future generations.

LINC: What would you tell someone who is considering joining LINC?
Cameron: LINC provides you with the opportunity to receive low-pressure notifications about community service events happening around Atlanta with an easy online interface to register. Sometimes it’s difficult, as an individual, to find a way to be impactful in the community for one day a month or a quarter, while still working around other commitments. LINC takes all the hassle out of finding a quick way to help out the community. Couple that ability to do something for your neighbors with the opportunity to network with other like-minded professionals rounds out the experience as a win for all. For example, I received an email last week for the SaturDAY of Service, and within a couple of minutes, I was all signed up to help out at the event closest to me with 30-40 other people.

LINC: What is your favorite LINC event or experience and why?
Cameron: My favorite LINC experience has been the Shoebox Project drive we had earlier this year to deliver toiletries to folks in need. I especially liked it because of the timing (around Mother’s day) and the ability for many of my co-workers to get involved as much as their time permitted. The Shoebox Project also helps drive home the point that what we take for granted as grocery store list items (deodorant, toothpaste, lotion) are a luxury item to some of our neighbors.

LINC: What are your hobbies/interests?
Cameron: I enjoy playing golf and suffering through workout classes in Midtown.

LINC: Who in the world (past or living) do you most admire and why?
Cameron: I admire a lot of past and present business leaders, especially those who created something from nothing. However, Frank Lloyd Wright is one of the people who I admire most, because his organic architecture really helps me see the art in architecture. If every waiting room or lobby had a Frank Lloyd Wright coffee table book, I would never mind waiting.