09-13-2016 · Youth United

“My name is Claire Arnold, and I serve my community because I believe in it.

I know that we have the potential to be better and do more, and our millennial generation is the one that will make it happen. That’s why I think Youth United is so important; it’s a meeting place for fresh ideas from energetic minds. The cause I hope to leave my personal mark on is human trafficking… specifically labor trafficking.

Due to underreporting, it’s something we don’t realize is happening in our own neighborhoods, but it is. This issue is so large that it will take more than one organization to make a difference, more than one voice to call for change, and more than just talking to make an impact.

I believe that advocacy and volunteerism go hand in hand, and that the community needs to get together to walk the walk AND talk the talk. I cannot wait to see what solutions YU comes up with in this area… and other issues plaguing our community.

I’m ready to see their impact!”