10-12-2016 · Youth United

<img src="youth_united_lauren.jpg" alt="Lauren's Story for Youth United">

“As a volleyball player, I learned that the biggest mistake you can make on the court is to watch that ball come across the net, see a hole on your side of the court, not run to fill it, and let the ball DROP, thinking that someone else would have covered it. So, creating the CARE Closet was simply my version of RUNNING to fill a hole of need that I saw in my community!

It wasn’t until I met a student that felt safe enough to tell me his story, that I realized that hunger was a problem in my community. After asking me for some of my breakfast, he told me that his family did not have enough food at home. So, he was still hungry during the day. At that moment I knew that he likely was not alone – that I had to do something to fix this, and I had to do it very quickly. Two months later, the CARE Closet was established to provide food for students who don’t have enough to eat.

The beauty of the CARE Closet is that it is maintained and organized by united, fellow students. So, not only does it provide food for students in need, but it also helps to create a culture of school unity – where every student supports one another other like a team, and no one is alone in their journey through childhood and adolescence.”