Many of us think our estates are too small to warrant the time and potential expense of a will, but no matter the size of your estate, everyone needs a plan for the future.

Your estate is simply the assets you own; your home, IRA plans, stocks, insurance policies, etc. A plan helps to ensure that your wishes are carried out, and your loved ones well cared for after you’re gone. You can create a plan that outlines your goals and lets your family and friends know the values you hold dearly.


Why is a will important?

It can help reduce taxes for your heirs and your estate.
Real estate, stocks, automobiles, retirement plans, and other possessions can add up.

It allows you to appoint an executor to administer your estate.
It’s important to have someone working on your behalf to ensure proper paperwork is administered and details seen to.

It can help you decide who will receive your property.
One of the most common reactions we hear from supporters is “We didn’t realize how much we really owned and how much we had to give away to family and friends!”

It allows you to leave a meaningful legacy of helping your community.
You decide which organizations you would like to include.


Keep in mind:

  • Where no will exists, the state will determine distribution of your assets.
  • A will is not about the assets you own, but how you will use your resources to care for the people that mean the most to you.
  • If you’ve recently experienced a life changing event such as a marriage, a death in the family or the birth of a child or grandchild, or if you have acquired property in another state, consider talking with an attorney to update your estate plan.
  • Be sure and include your charitable interests.
  • A will is not for us but for the ones we love.


Is it time to revise your will?
Please contact us for more information about wills or for help in including United Way of Greater Atlanta in your will.
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