Youth United Board Member, Claire Chen
Hsin Huei Chen, River Ridge High School, Cherokee County

“A lot of times in school they will emphasize how important it is to work with your peers. We often don’t take their advice, and we take that opportunity for granted. However, through Youth United I have learned that working with others really is the route to bring about change.

Working together towards a common cause, whether it be for ending homelessness, human trafficking, or hunger, allows the community to stay connected and solve problems more efficiently. I serve my community because I believe we can achieve change by working together.

In my string quartet, our coach would always tell us to not count each beat but to rely on each other and listen to each other, and that is the way to create music. The only way for that to happen is if we work together. Much like my string quartet, I believe if all of us in the community work together, we can create something beautiful, something that can help people, something that can make a difference.”