02-08-2017 · Youth United

Youth United Board Member, Jada Milligan

Cristo Rey Jesuit Atlanta High School Junior

“I believe that I have a calling to help those in need. There is something inside of me that believes that I can start by serving my community and then eventually the world.

Helping people brings a warmth to my heart that nothing else can, and by being a Youth United board member, I have access to resources that will provide me with the opportunity to directly make a difference.

As a board member, I am able to give my input by helping to plan student-led projects. The Color Your Mind event is our second student-led project of the year. We were thrilled when we heard that we would be able to create our own project. There are so many causes that we wanted to focus on but after several discussions, we decided that we wanted to address mental illness, and we wanted to create an event that would be active and engage members of the community.

This event means a great deal to me because I have a sister with autism, and through my experiences, I have noticed that most people don’t seem to know how to deal with people with autism. I feel that this event will give people more insight to mental illnesses and therefore raise awareness in our communities and help us to work together to start thinking about solutions.”