03-10-2017 · Youth United


Youth United Board Member, Roman Bacchetta

“Around six years ago, I played in a club soccer game against a team from the Fugees Family — a small nonprofit based in Clarkston, Georgia, dedicated to improving the lives of young refugees through familial and financial support, schooling and soccer. Despite their vastly different upbringings and cultures, the players formed a uniquely cohesive and interdependent team. They shared a bond strengthened by a struggle much greater than any soccer game.

These boys were my age, but they had lived through unimaginable hardships and were attempting to build a new life in a completely new environment. I realized that while the playing field was level that day, before and after the game, it was not.

There are a multitude of battles that persist in present-day society. Underneath the veil of statistics and percentages, there are individual human lives in need of transformation. It is important for this generation of students to join the fight, as this is the world we will inherit. Service is more than an opportunity; it is an obligation.”