04-04-2017 · Youth United


Youth United Board Member, Brandon Sykes

“I care about my community because it is where my family lives, and where I hope to one day raise my family. I care because it is up to me to be the change I want to see. The issues that matters the most to me are homelessness and sex trafficking in our youth.

I feel as a basic human right everyone should have shelter, food and clothing. It is such a pity that one mishap can cause a family to lose everything. I also feel that youth should be protected. No one should be able to profit off sexual exploitation of minors.

It is important that students get involved in our community because it is our community also. We have a stake in our community. We also have a tendency to be more active and vigilant about things we are vested in. The best way to get students involved is from other students stressing the importance of using our voices and actions to make a difference in our communities. We also have to be creative in making the activities fun and engaging.

Being on the YU Board helped me realize I can make a difference in my community with the help of others. It has been a great experience. I am humbled to have served this year.