04-20-2017 · Volunteer Involvement Program

ToolBank USA

Mission: ToolBank USA establishes ToolBanks and provides support to these affiliates who improve their communities by equipping volunteers with tools.

Details: Board meets monthly by phone. One meeting per year in person in Atlanta.

Financial Commitment:  Members are asked to give. Pledges range from $500 to $10,000.

Skills Needed: Fundraising, Marketing, Strategic Planning



Zena’s House

Mission: To instill in youth through education, life-skills training, exposure trips, encourage and love, ultimately to see youth so full of hope whereby they know and believe that nothing shall be impossible for them.

Details: Board meets three times per year.

Skills Needed: Grantwriting, Marketing/PR




For contact information and a list of other board opportunities, contact vip@unitedwayatlanta.org