06-08-2017 · Youth United


Youth United Board Member, Alex Calloway

“As a child, I was very timid and reserved socially. Unsure of myself and constantly hiding behind the familiarity of my parents and siblings, I preferred my books and toys to others around me. However, that all changed when I was introduced to charity through my mother. It didn’t start out as anything special, just simple tag-alongs to community service sessions with my older siblings. But the more I began to help out, the more amazed I was at what I saw. Everywhere I went, people were smiling, laughing, and helping. No matter what service was being given, total strangers joined together and helped one another. Every one of these people had their own story, and each one of them radiated life simply with a smile and a word of thanks. I knew then that helping others in this way was what I was meant to be doing.

I still love books, and I still enjoy having some quiet time. But I am certain that there are few things in life more rewarding than learning about others, and helping them smile. That’s why I try my best to give back to my community. But what is giving back? How do we know what people need, what makes them smile?

For me, the answer was clear: you have to look to the younger generation. I try my best to be humble, but it’s no secret: kids are the lifeblood of the community (all thanks to you adults, of course!) We observe every aspect of the world around us from an unseen perspective, adapt to and shape the cultural landscape of our communities, and are directly shaped by the problems and solutions of the world we have been given. Youth are the future of this planet, and in order to see that future’s promise through, we must exemplify the change we wish to see. Youth United is an incredible opportunity for young, passionate, ambitious people to receive the resources necessary to turn their dream of a brighter future into a reality, and I’m beyond excited to see what said opportunity brings to everyone involved.”