08-31-2017 · Legacy Leaders

 Tocqueville Women’s Leadership Council member, Katina Asbell, shares why she believes in United Way of Greater Atlanta and why she decided to become a Legacy Leader.


Of all the work United Way of Greater Atlanta does, what do you find most important?

United Way demonstrates collective impact at its best! With thousands of volunteers and hundreds of relationships that span the corporate, government, faith and nonprofit sectors across Greater Atlanta, they are able to lead and direct positive, lasting change.


When did you start giving?

I have been giving for the last five years. I began giving when I was introduced to a group of donors who seemed so passionate about the work. The vibe was contagious. Even before I truly understood the amazing success and the breadth of services for which United Way of Greater Atlanta is responsible, I began giving simply because people I trusted were giving and volunteering. I thought, “If United Way is where other top leaders choose to put their philanthropic dollars, then there must be something incredible going on here.” As I began to understand the work more intimately through volunteering at events with my children, serving on the Tocqueville Women’s Leadership Council cabinet and meeting the devoted staff, I knew this was an organization I wanted to support for as long as I am able.

What inspires you most about United Way of Greater Atlanta’s work?

The veteran rising out of homelessness. The child who has food for the summer. The pregnant mother who has access to health services. The survivor of domestic sex-trafficking who has received mental and physical health services and job training. The grandmother on limited income who called 2-1-1 for help with holiday gifts for her grandchildren. This is what inspires me to give. I have seen firsthand my donor dollars at work and realize the impact of what I give is multiplied ten times over because of the precise and thoughtful way United Way of Greater Atlanta invests on my behalf.

What prompted you to included United Way in your planned giving?

Passion, first and foremost. I believe in the work and I believe in the people guiding the work. Secondarily, it made financial sense. I am already giving at the Tocqueville level annually and the annual premium for the policy for 5 years was just under that mark. I thought, “why not leverage the donations I am giving now to result in a larger gift in the future?” The simple math is $50,000 now will equal $250,000 when I pass.

What do you hope your gift will accomplish?

I hope that my gift will be used to support innovative solutions. This is why I choose to guide the dollars to the Child Well-Being Impact Fund.  I cannot see into the future to know what Greater Atlanta and its people will be struggling with most at the time I pass away so I feel comfortable making the gift knowing that United Way of Greater Atlanta will use it in a way that will have the most impact at the time.

What would be your advice to others considering becoming Legacy Leaders?

Run the numbers! Honestly, in most cases for leadership level donors under 60 who are committed to United Way of Greater Atlanta, this just makes good financial sense.