2-1-1 Success: At Your Service

(Disclosure: No actual names have been used.)


As a disabled veteran, Ms. Blackwell found herself battling several chronic ailments. Her health eventually declined to the point where it landed her in the hospital. After several weeks, she was discharged, and all she could think about was taking a hot shower and lying in her own bed.

However, Ms. Blackwell returned home to find things different from the way they were. To her dismay, her water service was disconnected. In search for solutions, she decided to follow a friend’s advice and contacted United Way of Greater Atlanta’s 2-1-1.

As a self-sufficient woman, she felt slightly embarrassed to ask for assistance; however, she still made the decision to call. That one call connected Ms. Blackwell to a Veteran’s program. She was humbled to receive $434 in financial assistance and have her water service reconnected, the same day.

Ms. Blackwell was so used to serving her country, she forgot what it was like for someone else to be of service to her.