“I am currently attending the number one HBCU (Historically Black Colleges and Universities), Spelman College. My first semester has been an incredible experience, and I’ve made many connections.

One of the reasons I chose Spelman was because of its history of sisterhood and making an impact on the world. Spelman considers community service an extremely important part of the undergraduate experience. Spelman’s motto is “A Choice To Change The World,” which shows the commitment to honing in on your ability to change the world for the better. Being in this environment encourages me and the entire student body to take opportunities to help our local community and the nonprofits just outside the gates of our campus.

To reach my personal goals of community service, I’ve decided to become a mentor at a local school and have joined multiple clubs dedicated to service. I plan to join executive boards within these clubs following my freshman year. My time as a board member with Youth United has provided invaluable experience that can help me be a leader on campus as well as easily handle the effort of being on an executive board. The skills I’ve gained will be an instrumental part of my impact on these clubs, my campus, and my community.”