The Power of Possible with Enterprise Holdings

11-16-2017 · Cole Society

This year, the Hartsfield-Jackson Airport team with Enterprise Holdings implemented a goal of 25% more with their “Power of Possible” Annual United Way campaign. They wanted to build on last year and were able to do that by utilizing a campaign focused on the interactive Child Well-Being maps and other initiatives that centered around helping the children in our community. The employees were encouraged to place a pin in the map based on their homes to see exactly where the need is and where their donations stay, right here in the metro area. This helped us tie it all together with our loft goal to raise 25% more Leadership Givers. Overall participation translated into 25% more total pledges raised. It didn’t hurt to include a few fun activities like stuffing snack packs for kids and using a dunk tank, allowing the employees to have a great time “dunking” members of management.