12-12-2017 · Volunteer Involvement Program

Use your talents, time and treasure, and take what you’ve learned from VIP for one of these great boards.


Atlanta Center for Self-Sufficiency

Address: 460 Edgewood Ave SE | Atlanta, GA 30312

Mission: To empower financially vulnerable individuals in our community to become self-sufficient, sustainably employed and economic contributors to society.

Meetings: Bi-monthly

Budget: $966,800 | Board Member Contribution: 1,500

Skills Needed: Marketing, Human Resources, Fundraising



Bearings Bike Shop

Address: 982 Murphey Ave | Atlanta, GA 30310

Mission: Bike Shop inspires kids to their full potential by helping them find their bearings in life.

Meetings: Monthly

Budget: $450,000 | Board Member Contribution: $4,000

Skills Needed: Finance/Accounting, Fundraising



Diabetes Association of Atlanta Inc.

Address: 75 Marietta Street NW | Atlanta, GA 30303

Mission: To promote community awareness and healthy living to prevent and manage diabetes through innovative community programs.

Meetings: Bi-monthly

Budget: $550,000 | Board Member Contribution: $1,000

Skills Needed: Marketing, Fundraising




Are you an agency needing board members? Email vip@unitedwayatlanta.org for agency contact info.