12-13-2017 · Youth United


“Growing up, I have always felt fortunate to have a safe neighborhood, access to education, and enough food and water to support my needs. Having said that, I feel like it is only right to give back to the people who may not be as lucky as I am. In my opinion, everyone deserves an equal opportunity to be successful. By giving back, we can help to make that a reality; the problem that our society faces is a lack of people who realize this.

One of the reasons why I really love Youth United is that we actively try to engage our community in the work we do when giving back. The term “communitarian” has been coined by Youth United to mean someone who is actively dedicated to making a difference in their community. If we can help to show other people in our society the importance of volunteerism and giving back to their community, we can help create an entire world of communitarians. This may seem like some daunting task that will require tons of work, but hear me out: volunteering is fun. Like, really fun. It serves as an amazing way for you to meet and create relationships with people within your community. The feeling you get when you do something good to help others is indescribable!

Another great thing about volunteering is how easy it is to make a difference. A little hard work goes a long way. I hope that I have successfully shown not only the importance of volunteering but how fun and easy it is. A great way you can be a communitarian by giving back in a fun and impactful way is by joining us on MLK day (January 15th) to volunteer and benefit preschool children! I hope to see you there!”