01-11-2018 · Youth United


“I have been involved in community service since childhood. What was initially routine has developed into a personal commitment and passion. My desire to give back has been further developed since moving to Atlanta in 2010 because I have been exposed to the city’s diversity and, unfortunately, all of the issues and difficulties the people and communities of Atlanta face. I am exposed on a daily basis to issues like poverty and homelessness, which has further motivated me to actively serve.

It’s so hard for me to see people in my neighborhood struggling to make ends meet, and I know that through community service I have the potential to make a big difference in others’ lives. Specifically, Youth United has given me the opportunity to make a positive impact on issues facing people in communities across Atlanta. This organization has given me a chance to organize community service projects around issues that I care about while also letting me see the direct impact of my actions.

Currently, we are working on a project to help the homeless on Saturday, March 24 and need volunteers to help make our project a success. Please come out with members of the Youth United Board to help make a big difference in your community!”