01-17-2018 · Youth United

Share Your Why

For Ryan Heidish, Youth United board member and Alpharetta High School senior, community service is a way to make sure that everyone in Greater Atlanta has the opportunity to thrive.

In December, he shared the following on our blog: “Growing up, I have always felt fortunate to have a safe neighborhood, access to education, and enough food and water to support my needs. Having said that, I feel like it is only right to give back to the people who may not be as lucky as I am. In my opinion, everyone deserves an equal opportunity to be successful. By giving back, we can help to make that a reality; the problem that our society faces is a lack of people who realize this.”

Below, hear why he believes it’s so important to get involved in community service – especially for youth.

Opportunity. Equity. Well-being. Financial stability. Community connection. What’s your “why”? We want to know what drives you to give, advocate and volunteer for Greater Atlanta. Share Your Why with United Way!