04-08-2018 · Youth United


“As the Secretary of the Youth United leadership board, I’m able to educate my community and peers on issues through volunteering and community projects. I’ve learned how to efficiently plan service projects, secure in-kind donations and manage volunteers. I especially enjoy volunteer projects dealing with education, which is the most important issue to me personally. Without education, a person can only survive, not live. My family has always reminded me of how far an education can take you and the great things that you can achieve. Being a part of a school system where students are passed on and over, I have an inside perspective and it drives me to want to make the system better. Giving back to the community gives you a joyous feeling; the greatest thing I can do is make an impact on someone else’s life. I’ve always wanted to be a person who is making a difference, who is being the change that I want to see – and Youth United allows me to do that. It links me with like-minded people and gives me the freedom to think creatively about solutions and how to get others involved. I plan to continue my work building communities after I start college, by constantly volunteering in local organizations and schools. And maybe I will even have my own organization one day!”