06-26-2018 · Kids Home Initiative

Miquael Williams originates from Daytona Beach, FL and is a single father to an eleven-year-old daughter and a soon to be thirteen-year-old son. After moving to Atlanta with his family, a deteriorating marriage ended in divorce, leaving him the sole guardian of his two children.

That’s when things began to go south for him and his children. His family of three moved from place to place, agency to agency. Soon after finally settling into new housing, Miquael’s car broke down, costing him his job. Between the rent and an incident where he was robbed at gunpoint in his apartment complex, Miquael knew it was time to find something better. He made some calls, and was linked with United Way’s Kids Home Initiative. He was connected to Decatur Cooperative Ministry and the Salvation Army to receive housing services.

“None of the places stood us up on our feet like United Way did,” Miquael explains. Kids Home Initiative helped Miquael find his footing so when the opportunity came to start training through the United Way IT Initiative came, he was able to jump on it without fear of what it might mean for his family. Miquael graduated from the IT training program in the fall of 2017 with a certificate in Quality Assurance and Business Analysis, and found a career he loves through the Boys and Girls Club where he teaches young members how to use new media technology.