09-06-2018 · African-American Partnership

We are writing to extend a special invitation to an exciting opportunity coming up on October 18—A Concert & Conversation with Peter Buffett at Morehouse College. You may know that Peter is the son of investor Warren Buffett. More importantly, Peter has an inspiring story to tell about making your own path. He is:

– Author of New York Times Bestselling book, Life is What You Make It

– President of NoVo Foundation, which is working to advance the rights of adolescent girls and end violence against girls and women around the world

– An advocate for racial and gender equity

Learn more about Peter Buffett here.

Additionally, Morehouse students will be present to participate in a rich dialogue about the issues facing our local communities and their ideas for philanthropic solutions.  Come join in the conversation, sharing your wisdom and unique perspective.

We hope to see you there!

Bryan Vinson, ’03, United Way of Greater Atlanta

Ricky McLeod, ’99, Comcast

Jesse Owens, ’98, Southern Company Gas