10-30-2018 · Cole Women United · African-American Partnership · Tocqueville Society · Tocqueville Women United · Ivan Allen Circle

The Greater Atlanta community was proud to debut “A Concert & Conversation” featuring Peter Buffett at Morehouse College on October 18. 

The evening began with an original piano composition titled “(Searching For) A Place Called Home,” accompanied by cellist Michael Kott. This opening number set the stage for Peter to walk the audience through his experience growing up as a child of billionaire investor, Warren Buffett. He revealed it wasn’t until his twenties that he and his siblings knew of their father’s amassed fortune, primarily due to the first publication of the Forbes 400 list.


Nevertheless, Peter was still encouraged to pursue his passions – which happened to lie in music, not the family business at Berkshire Hathaway. This journey led him to San Francisco, where he began producing commercial spots for MTV. He scored the pivotal scene in Dances with Wolves after sending Kevin Costner a cassette tape of his work.  

In 2006, his father famously announced his plan to give away his wealth. As a result, Peter and his wife, Jennifer, found themselves with $1 billion to invest philanthropically. This event changed their entire outlook on addressing social problems, both domestically and abroad. To learn more about his philosophies, hear Peter’s “Share Your Why” video about the origins of his values.

After the performance, over 80 Tocqueville Society members and guests gathered for dessert and networking with Peter. The reception was hosted jointly by the African-American Partnership and Women United affinity groups, with special thanks to Wells Fargo as our sponsor.  

Atlanta is the first stop on a 14-city tour across the country, as part of a partnership with United Way Worldwide. Upcoming destinations include Denver, Miami, New York, and his hometown of Omaha.