09-16-2019 · African-American Partnership

AAP is committed to addressing the achievement gap and improving outcomes for African-American boys and young men in the metro area through partnerships that increase educational opportunities and pathways to employment. Over the years, our efforts have expanded from a laser focus on literacy to include additional learning opportunities targeted to support youth’s overall academic achievement and future success. We have seen the profound impact that caring professionals, like you can have both for you and the students. This fall, AAP is launching a pilot volunteer program of tailored volunteer opportunities.

As our dedication to this work continues, AAP and United Way of Greater Atlanta’s Volunteerism team have come up with a menu of volunteer opportunities with AAP’s current Build-A-Library Sites.

We can organize interactive projects for groups of 10 to 25 people. Opportunities can be customized for the company depending the career area. For example, a financial company could present a workshop on money management for young adults or a team of software developers could present about writing code.  Your company can host a group of students for a day of shadowing on October 15 or November 5 or you can travel to an agency like Delta Air Lines chose to do in this video.

To participate, please fill out our project request form to find an available date.