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For those who have already created them, an annual review of your will and estate plans helps protect the people you care about most. Any one of these events could trigger the need to revise your estate plan by adjusting your will, creating an amendment to your trust or reassigning beneficiary(s):

  • A marriage/divorce, a death, or the birth of a child
  • Acquiring property in another state
  • Becoming “empty nesters”
  • Selling your primary residence or business

For those who have not already created one, take advantage of United Way’s partnership with FreeWill (www.FreeWill.com/UnitedWay) to create your will online. Alternatively, schedule time with your attorney to discuss your options. You can help those you love by letting your wishes be known.

Furthermore, be sure to consider: Are the charitable organizations you value included?

You can sustain the impact you currently generate with annual giving through a gift in your will to United Way of Greater Atlanta. For more information on including United Way in your will or your free copy of Leaving Your Legacy: A Guide to Planning Your Will and Trust, please contact:

Eve Powell

Go to our website for more details: www.unitedwayatlanta.org/group/legacy-leaders