02-27-2020 · African-American Partnership

Jamari is a quiet kid.  

He says he doesn’t read much outside of school. That makes his time at The Villages at Carver Family YMCA even more crucial.  

Jamari’s tall with broad shoulders, and that size has helped him play basketball and Rugby against his friendsHe’s been coming to Carver Family YMCA a couple times a weekand he has a ton of friends at Carver. A few months ago, those friends pulled him into a classroom for book club.  

The quiet kid, more interested in spending time on the court or in the pool, says the time he’s spent reading at the YMCA has opened him up to reading more than any class at school has. It’s something he’s starting to look forward to now 

“We read comic books, and I love the illustrations and all of the stories, too,” Jamari says. “I really like reading fiction books now.”  

Jamari participates each Thursday in the reading program through his school that’s held at Carver Family YMCA. Jamari gets exposure to the program and all kinds of books and STEM materials thanks to United Way of Greater Atlanta’s African-American Partnership.  

The grant money given to Carver helps improve reading, writing and critical thinking skills for students like Jamari.  

AAP launched June 2000 under the African American Initiative moniker by Conchita Robinson and Charles Stephens with the purpose of increasing financial participation and volunteers from our community.  

AAP is open to donors with shared affinities for philanthropy, leadership and service, and members of AAP donate $1,000 a year or more to United Way of Greater Atlanta. 

Jamari now has another thing that helps him get engaged with his school work and his friends outside of sports. It’s something that has helped him open up. A donation to AAP has helped give him that. It’s helped change him.   

Don’t you want to continue to be a part of that change? 

To help other kids like Jamari, join AAP and email aap@unitedwayatlanta.org for more.