02-27-2020 · African-American Partnership

“I probably read at least two hours a day,” Jayden says. “[His parents] they try to make me do it, but I like reading sports books and comic books and all sorts of things like that.”  

Jayden loves to read, but a lot of his times at the Villages at Carver Family YMCA were spent outside of the classroom areas and inside the gym — until about two years ago, that is. Jayden loves to play football and basketball — he was a skater, too, when he was younger. He keeps his Vans sneakers clean and color-coordinated with his royal blue T-shirt.  

Jayden loves to read, but about two years ago he had an opportunity to expand on that love of reading.  

“I started coming here,” Jayden says. “I liked reading, and I’ll start as soon as I get home.”  

Jayden has participated in the reading program through his school that was held at Carver Family YMCA. Jayden’s exposure to the program and countless other books was made possible by United Way of Greater Atlanta’s African-American Partnership.  

The grant money given to Carver Family YMCA, helps students like Jayden read, write and participate in STEM activities too. 

AAP launched June 2000 under the African American Initiative moniker by Conchita Robinson and Charles Stephens with the purpose of increasing financial participation and volunteers from our community.  

AAP is open to donors with shared affinities for philanthropy, leadership and service, and members of AAP donate $1,000 a year or more to United Way of Greater Atlanta. 

“I like to get into the books and get deep into the good parts,” Jayden says. “I like to read and when a book surprises me and doesn’t end like I thought it would.”  

The program at Carver has definitely helped Jayden. Think about the impact you can help make on others like him.  

To find out how, email aap@unitedwayatlanta.org. Join AAP today and help other kids in this community.