The last few months have been full of change, and whether it is the strain of the pandemic on our communities, a renewed commitment for equality, or other, more personal causes, employees are looking to their employers to respond. This is the perfect time for you to connect with United Way and learn about our new  digital tools to support your community efforts.

In this dynamic  environment,  providing a deeper sense of purpose in employee’s work  is more important than ever. United Way has partnered with Salesforce to create an  employee  engagement  platform, Philanthropy Cloud Cloud, which allows you to offer meaningful engagement opportunities for employees, regardless of their cause preferences.  Philanthropy Cloud gives employees the opportunity to support what is most important to them.

5 Ways Philanthropy Cloud Makes Your United Way Campaign Great for Employees:

  1. Offer employees the ability to connect to causes and volunteer opportunities they care about, with over 1.7 million  vetted and tax-exempt  organizations to choose from
  2. Drive employee engagement with year-round giving options
  3. Empower employees to  volunteer and discover volunteer opportunities based on their preferences
  4. Connect with local causes through recommendations based on the community where they work and live
  5. Allow employees to track their giving history, download receipts and celebrate volunteer hours all in one place

Grow your Workplace Giving Program to Engage Employees

We know each company has its own values and culture, and you want to maintain yours while growing your program. You want to get employees excited about everything your company does to make the world a better place. United Way has a team that is focused on your success.  We can help you plan an engagement calendar with virtual and in-person activities that excites employees and highlights your commitment to the community.  We will build content and connection with local non-profits to drive impact.

Your employees with enjoy the user-friendly experience of Philanthropy Cloud,  while your community affairs and foundation staff will appreciate the support and streamlined reports.

Change can be hard, but  United Way  is here to help. 

Here are some of the most common questions we are asked about moving to  Philanthropy Cloud.

What are some  benefits we  can  expect from making this change?

  • By centralizing your philanthropy efforts on to one platform, you will save time and resources in planning and executing your CSR plan
  • The  Philanthropy  Cloud platform can become a centralized place for giving, volunteering, employee recognition and internal CSR storytelling
  • Access the expertise of United Way to help grow  all of your efforts and create company branded programs around Child  Well-Being.

How do I get senior leadership to consider this type of change?

  • In the current environment, your leadership may be coming for you for answers on what to do to give back to the community. You can provide them with a solution that leverages a partnership with the largest non-profit network and a respected technology provider.  Your leadership may already understand how they can leverage this platform to engage with their teams.

How do I manage this  change when I support multiple  United Ways?

  • You now have a national campaign platform with 1,400 local United Ways, supporting your efforts with local content and volunteer opportunities. The United Way in your location will help bring together nonprofits to create an experience that  lifts up  causes you care about.

Are you ready to  take your community support to the next level?

  • When you make the move to Philanthropy Cloud, you will work with a dedicated team to make the transition seamless for employees and  the  organizations  you support. You’ll also receive support with marketing, volunteering, and CSR metrics.  We are here to support you making a difference in the Atlanta area and beyond.

Contact us  to learn more about how to get started!