07-20-2020 · LINC

Hello LINC Atlanta! While the world is ever changing around us, this community has continued to prove that it goes above and beyond to support each other in times of uncertainty. We as LINC Atlanta look forward to bringing the same level of leadership, impact, networking, and change as our years past.

Our upcoming year will be filled with monumental change across the nation and in Greater Atlanta. United Way is continuing its steadfast mission to bring the Greater Atlanta community the resources it needs to succeed, including you as LINC members.

Having been a part of LINC for almost four years, I know our Board will continue to bring Atlanta the kindness, activism, and desire to be active and get hands-on. As the 2020-2021 LINC Board Chair, I’m looking forward to our network growing and getting to know each other over the next 12 months. The individuals that comprise our young professional networks continuously challenge perspectives, bring fresh ideas to the table, and deliver on the need to tangibly transform this city we all call home.

In LINC, we look to connect young professionals with each other, the community, and impact opportunities that speak to their purpose. Whether your focus is on growing your professional network, solving needs around the city, or growing as a young voice in a large community, we look forward to lending a helping a hand in all of it. To help you achieve your goals, over the next 12 months we’ll host a number of virtual events, identify both virtual and non-virtual volunteer opportunities, and get to know one another as we all develop both personally and professionally.

Our year will be one to remember and I look forward to working with each of you to brighten our city. I urge you to reach-out with questions, or just to say hi. And while this year will look different than others, I look forward to LINC bringing the same positive energy and attitude it has always had as we kick-off the year.


Rose Reardon

2020-2021 LINC Atlanta Chair

Want to connect with Rose? Message her at linc@unitedwayatlanta.org