07-20-2020 · Young Professional Leaders

2020 is destined to be a year of significant historical relevance in our lifetime. In this season we are enduring a global pandemic the likes of which we have never seen; an economic slowdown that is causing hardships across the Atlanta area as well as across the US; and a long-awaited uprising against racial injustices and police brutality. 2020’s provocations only scratch the surface of the challenges that many in our city face: challenges of homelessness, generational poverty, income inequality, racial divides, adult illiteracy, and low educational standards, to name a few.

Even with our current challenges, the city of Atlanta has been historically known to be a city of growth; a city poised at the forefront of opportunity; a city uniquely situated at the intersection of business, government, and philanthropy; a city with a history of building leaders that change the world. To this end, I am proud to be involved with United Way of Greater Atlanta, an organization known for building those types of leaders.

As the 2020-2021 United Way Young Professional Leaders (YPL) Chair, I am excited about the opportunity we have to take on the challenges that lie before us. This year’s YPL Board is comprised of incredible, action-oriented leaders from some of Atlanta’s most influential businesses and we are ready to be a proactive voice for change in Atlanta’s community through philanthropy, community advocacy, and volunteerism.

If you are a young professional ready to take on these challenging times, enhance your leadership skills, and build important relationships while you’re at it, I hope that you will join us this year! Our YPL Advisory Board is currently preparing innovative and actionable ways for you to get involved and make a difference in our community. As chair, I believe that your involvement in tackling these challenging times will make 2020 a year of positive change that you may never forget.

Brandi Wyche

2020-2021 Young Professional Leaders Chair

Want to connect with Brandi? Message her at ypl@unitedwayatlanta.org.