09-08-2022 · Young Professional Leaders

Obi knows how much the right type of support can help others.  Read on to find out why he chose to give back through YPL and United Way! If you would like to be featured in our next member spotlight, please click here.

What inspired you to become involved with Young Professionals Leaders?

I did not get to where I am by myself. I’ve had help and support from different people since I moved to Atlanta from Chicago, so giving back was something I’ve always had on my mind. Being able to give back and help someone the same way I was helped honestly bring me joy. I volunteered for a snack pack a couple months ago, and a woman who was impacted by it spoke about how much it meant to her, and her family. Right then and there, I spoke to Rashad about wanting to be involved more, and that’s how I became involved with YPL.

What aspect of United Way’s work in the community are you most passionate about supporting?

I am most passionate about supporting the impact committee, and serve the current learning spaces throughout Atlanta. Being present, and seeing what we do takes fruition fuels me and gives me more purpose.

Do you have fun fact or a side hustle (entrepreneurship) that you would like to share with us?

Fun fact about myself is that I am able to assemble a PC/Gaming PC given the right components.