11-09-2022 · Young Professional Leaders

Please welcome new YPL member Will Godwin! If you would like to be featured in our next member spotlight, please click here.

What inspired you to become involved with Young Professionals Leaders?

After living in Atlanta for four years and becoming familiar with community around me, I wanted to support and serve an organization like United Way that provides solutions on issues affecting child, family, and community well-being. I was sold after attending a Saturday of Service and experiencing the mission on display.

What aspect of United Way’s work in the community are you most passionate about supporting?

I am most passionate about child well-being, particularly United Way’s Strong Learners program. It’s very important that all children have access to learning and quality learning experiences.

Do you have fun fact or a side hustle (entrepreneurship) that you would like to share with us?

This one is not so fun for me: I broke my left collar bone twice before the age of nine.

On a brighter note, I got engaged last week!