12-12-2013 · Basic Needs · GRIP

GRIP Success Story: Charles Huckabe

Charles Huckabe has always had a heart for volunteerism. Raised by two phenomenal women, his mother and grandmother, he's well aware that a man's helping hand is often exactly what is needed most. Charles has been linked to various community service projects…

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11-04-2013 · Health

A Doctor’s View of Centering Pregnancy

Each day, I see women come into my office for their appointments. I wonder about the life they have when they leave. Why? Because I know their home life can have a major impact on the health of their unborn child. I can’t…

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10-30-2013 · Homelessness

2-1-1 Success: A Mother’s Story

One Saturday morning in Rockdale County at the back-to-school fair sponsored by the Rockdale Coalition for Children and Families, a 2-1-1 contact center employee handing out information noticed a woman in line nearby with four small boys. The 2-1-1 manager noticed how…

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10-13-2013 · Homelessness

From Hospital to Home: Taras’ Story

Taras Welch is a 35-year-old Atlanta native who can truly say the last three years have made lifelong changes on his perspective. In 2010, Taras was staying at Grady Hospital, seeking medical help for his mental health issues. That's when a member…

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