09-18-2019 · Silence the Growl

#WhyWednesday: Brandon Sherman

#WhyWednesday: Brandon Sherman "It would be close to the 20th of the month and food would start getting low and I know what it feels like to be a child who had dreams and had ambitions but you know, you're hungry and…

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09-17-2019 · Cole Women United

Letter from the Cole Women United Chair

Denise Smith Cole Women United Chair, 2019-2020 Service Centre Portfolio Lead, HR Systems, EY My early inspirations came from a dynamic group of women and men in my family lineage who provided numerous opportunities to engage members of their community through volunteerism,…

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09-12-2019 · African-American Partnership

AAP Member Spotlight: Janice Robinson

African-American Partnership Member Spotlight: Janice Robinson Executive Director of Volunteer Involvement Program (VIP) AAP: Tell us about your role at United Way of Greater Atlanta and how you impact the company’s strategic goals? Janice: As the Executive Director of United Way of Greater…

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