03-07-2018 · Youth United

#WhyWednesday: Claire Chen

Share Your Why: Claire Chen Why does River Ridge High School senior Claire Chen give back to Greater Atlanta as a Youth United board member? Because she knows that when we all work together, we have the power to create positive change…

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#WhyWednesday: Kathy Monroe

Share Your Why: Kathy Monroe Say hello to UPSer Kathy Monroe! Over the 14 years Kathy has worked at UPS, she has deepened her community involvement as a donor and volunteer with United Way. Today, hear how Kathy gains fulfillment through giving…

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#WhyWednesday: Julia Kelly


#WhyWednesday: Julia Kelly

Share Your Why: Julia Kelly Julia Kelly is an important part of United Way of Greater Atlanta’s Homelessness team, helping to ensure that homelessness is rare, brief and non-recurring for Greater Atlanta’s military veterans. Through her daily work at United Way, Julia…

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United Way of Greater Atlanta SPARK Price Competition


Your Innovative Idea Can SPARK a Change!

SPARK Prize™ in the counties Innovation and collaboration are not only being celebrated but rewarded with SPARK Prize events throughout Greater Atlanta! SPARK Prize is a “Shark Tank” style competition that awards grants to fund collaborative and innovative projects addressing Greater Atlanta’s…

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