11-02-2017 · MOMS

MOMS Success Story: Brittany

Growing up, Brittany Bankston excelled in school. She thrived in her gifted and honors classes and was a published author by the age of 9. She even unexpectedly became a mom at the age of 16, but she persevered and managed to…

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#WhyWednesday: Ann Mintz

Did you know that Greater Atlanta has one of the lowest rates of economic mobility in the U.S.? Today, Ann Mintz, our Senior Director of Public Policy, shares her why: Helping to ensure that every child, regardless of zip code, can achieve…

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10-25-2017 · Volunteer Involvement Program

#WhyWednesday: Janice Robinson

With the United Way Volunteer Involvement Program (VIP) 25th Anniversary Gala only days away, today’s Why Wednesday inspiration comes from Janice Robinson, Executive Director of VIP and community connector extraordinaire. Janice has been a driving force behind the VIP board training program…

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