#WhyWednesday: Jessica Palazzolo

Jessica Palazzolo, Executive Director of Southside Support Incorporated and member of our United Way VIP spring 2017 class, shares what inspires her to give back to Greater Atlanta.   Do you have a story to share? Tell us why you serve your community – share your…

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#WhyWednesday: Soledad O’Brien

Did you join us for C3 Conference on April 21st? If you did, you know that entrepreneur and award-winning journalist Soledad O’Brien gave an inspiring keynote address, sharing stories of communities that have come together to create change. If you missed it,…

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Tocqueville Society: <br>Our Commitment to Family Engagement


Tocqueville Society:
Our Commitment to Family Engagement

As the chair of the Engagement and Retention Committee for the Tocqueville Society – a giving society open to individuals who contribute $10,000 or more annually to United Way of Greater Atlanta – I am charged with overseeing creative and strategic efforts…

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#WhyWednesday: Brianna Alexander

What’s your why? This week, Brianna Alexander, the United Way of Greater Atlanta Community Volunteer Manager, shares her inspiration for giving back to her community. Check it out here: Do you have a story to share? Help inspire Communitarians across Greater Atlanta…

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