Unite for Child Well-Being

Nearly 500,000 children in Greater Atlanta lack the basic opportunities and resources they need to thrive. Uniting together to improve the well-being of everyone regardless of race or zip code is the more we are working for.

Let’s do MORE, together.


The Agenda

Putting our community’s children on an equitable path to fulfilling their potential requires us to work together toward a single, shared agenda. We need a collective vision, unified measures of achievement, strategies for how to attain success and a way to evaluate progress.


Nearly half a million children in Greater Atlanta live in communities with low or very low child well-being.

With our partners, we can ensure this is an equitable, thriving community.


Our Four Investment Priorities


Strong Learners is a high-impact solution taking a complete approach to making sure children learn to read by third grade, so they can then read to learn.

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College and Career Ready creates a clear path for youth to get through school and ready for either higher education or high growth careers.

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Economic Stability is a high-impact approach to improving the financial standing of families in Greater Atlanta.

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Brighter Future brings our work to the areas that need it most with the mission of building up communities and local leadership.

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