When We Unite for More in Butts, Strong Readers Become Leaders

That’s why we remain steadfast in our commitment to do more to prepare young minds to be future leaders. Ensuring access to early literacy programs is just one of the many ways we, along with county leaders and other nonprofits, make this happen in Butts and throughout Greater Atlanta. We invite you to unite with our mission to help thousands of children, along with the families of Butts County, so they can have the opportunity to live a healthy life, acquire the education and skills they need to earn a good living and have a roof over their heads.

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Investment Priorities

Doing More Together. That’s What We’re About

Butts County is a place where the voice of the community helps write the story of where we’re headed, where we aspire to be—where responsive leadership, organizations and neighbors alike work together to realize the full potential for every child, family and neighborhood. While much of the county may celebrate success, we know there are still children in need. There are still kids who don’t have access to the same opportunities, and we must do more.

Contact information:

40 Courtland St NE #300 | Atlanta, GA 30303
Office Email: butts@unitedwayatlanta.org
Office Phone: 404.527.7200


Jennifer Young, Regional Director
Linda Jones, Regional Manager
Sheryl Singletary, Director of Corporate Relations
Gabriella Stearns, Director of Development