• Monday, Jan 18, 2021 -
    Friday, Dec 31, 2021

Event Details

The bright futures of greater Atlanta middle and high school students from neighborhoods in need have been severely challenged by COVID-19 amongst other nationwide challenges. Virtual learning has limitations and sometimes the biggest challenge is getting the attention of pre-teens & teenagers during after school youth development programming.

To that end, AAP Cabinet Leaders need your virtual volunteerism to help us give career guidance and expertise to our youth. Take a journey back in time when you were a preteen or teenager. Think about the advice you wish you had, or would give yourself to get to the career you are in now. Share your talent and expertise about the exciting day-to-day adventures you face in your current career, and the educational path that got you there. Power the potential of our youth by supplying them with the knowledge and tools to reach their dreams and goals by completing this short questionnaire.

Key objectives of this initiative include:


Top ranking career aspirations of youth program recipients continue to fall generally within entertainment, sports & frontline retail industries as that is what is most prevalent in day-to-day youth media. Our goal is to expand those rankings by exposing youth to career opportunities they may not have considered, particularly but not limited to Science-Technology-Engineering-Arts-Mathematics (STEAM) career opportunities.

Extended Comprehension

Beyond the career description, we are asking volunteers to share key details of the pros & cons of day-to-day engagement within their positions to provide a deeper understanding of career options to students.


Through the requested visual included in the questionnaire and the key details, our hope is to light a fire within students towards career opportunities that they now feel are within their reach.

While the core target audience of the content will be AAP’s Powering the Potential grantee recipients (Atlanta Mentoring Cares, Future Foundation, Georgia State University Black Male Achievement Program, Raising Expectations, & YMCA), United Way of Greater Atlanta will provide access to all of our College & Career Ready Education grantee partners.