Thank you to all who participated!

As a champion for fostering diversity and inclusion and spaces of opportunity at your workplace or in your network, we appreciate your participation in this round table discussion to learn more about United Way of Greater Atlanta’s volunteer-led groups and opportunities.

Featured Guests
  • Kim Boykin
    Kim Boykin

    AAP Cabinet Chair
    Delta Air Lines, Inc.

  • Karen McGrath
    Karen McGrath

    Cole Advisory Board Member

  • LaShonda Foy
    LaShonda Foy

    Tocqueville Women United Chair
    Wells Fargo

  • Beth Keller
    Beth Keller

    Cole Women United Cabinet Chair
    Habitat for Humanity International

  • David Abee
    David Abee

    Tocqueville Society Cabinet Member

  • Jacob Ethel
    Jacob Ethel

    YPL Board Member

  • Stacey Chavis
    Stacey Chavis

    VIP Alumna
    Campaigns Academy