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About this InForum:

Attendees heard from Hugh Vasquez, Senior Associate at the National Equity Project, about how his organization is training a new generation of leaders, both inside and outside the school system, to remove social and cultural barriers to success. Attendees also learned from local leader Keith Simmons, Chief of Staff at Bibb County School District about how advancing equity continues to shape his personal leadership development. Lastly, we uncovered the ways that Kenita T. Williams, director of Leadership Development at the Southern Education Foundation, is building the capacity of thought leaders to incorporate equity into district-level decision-making.

The dialogue with all three speakers aimed to explore how education advances in equity has implications for all organizations that serve our children and youth.


About the InForum Partnership Engagement Series

The United Way of Greater Atlanta’s InForum Partnership Engagement Series is convening nonprofit, philanthropic and public partners to learn together as we seek to improve Child Well-Being in our 13-county region.

Partners gather at each InForum with some important facts top of mind: of the nearly 1.3 million children living in the Atlanta 13-county region, close to half a million live in communities with low or very low child well-being. United Way is looking to change that by improving the lives of more than 250,000 children across Greater Atlanta by 2027. This isn’t just United Way. This is all of us, non-profit leaders and community champions alike, coming together to change our community.

Each event pairs a national expert with a local influencer, creating a dialogue that blends best practices from across the country with local insight and experience. Collectively, attendees leave better equipped to keep fighting the good fight and having forged new connections to leverage experience, learnings and insights.

Featured Speakers
  • Hugh Vasquez
    Hugh Vasquez

    Senior Associate, the National Equity Project

  • Keith Simmons
    Keith Simmons

    Chief of Staff, Bibb County School District

  • Kenita T. Williams
    Kenita T. Williams

    Director of Leadership Development, The Southern Education Foundation